Licensed Dog Breeder based in Liverpool

Ethically breeding healthy and happy pure-breed puppies with love and care since 2015

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Royalty Filled Kennels are an Independent, licensed breeder of British and French bulldogs, and pocket American bullys.
Dedicated to raising healthy, happy puppies with love and care.

English Bulldog On Couch

Healthy Puppies

All our puppies receive regular vet checks and have up to date medical records.

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Ethical Breeding

We breed healthy, happy litters in an ethical manner, ensuring our puppies are well-cared for and raised to be exceptional companions.

Personalized Matching

We take the time to get to know each puppy individually, matching them with the perfect owner for a lifelong bond of love and loyalty.

Our Story

With over 9 years of experience, Royalty Filled Kennels is a dedicated and ethical dog breeder specializing in pure-breed bulldogs and bullys, adhering to high standards of care and health.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Experience the difference with our ethical breeding practices, personalized service, and lifelong commitment to your furry family member’s well-being.

Family Environment

We raise our puppies indoors in a family setting, allowing them to socialize with people and other animals from day one.

Lifetime Support

We offer ongoing advice and support to ensure your puppy grows into a healthy and happy adult dog, always here for you.

Find Your Perfect Companion

Explore our range of bulldog and pocket bully puppies and start your journey to welcoming a new furry family member.